Safe Space

The house I created inspired by the painting is a refuge for the diaries I have been writing since I can remember. It is surrounded by a ritually made salt circle. It keeps negative emotions out of the circle. There are also comfortable pillows and a carpet that allows you to comfortably absorb reading. At home, there is a notebook called "feed me", which allows the reader to leave a mark.

Each room presents different needs that I struggled with as a child. We treat the image as a map. The hunger for love is kitchen, the bedroom is symbol bodily pleasures, the cleansing is bathroom, the living room- pleasure of life.

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Red Church

Gifts have been with me for as long as I can remember. Through their prism, I could be called a spoiled child. Every time my mother used alcohol, I was getting a gift from her. She tried to normalize my emotional scale so that I would always be happy. The punishment and reward system we can find in our brain. It is to increase the likelihood of behavior, that is beneficial to our body. It is very unhealthy to combine negative experiences with reward at such an early age. I see that I often pursue destruction myself. Stability makes me anxious, and the negative aspects of my life release positive and addictive emotions.

The box you see was in my suitcase while packing for the next trip. I decided to take it with me. I've been running away from it too long. This is a gift that my mother gave me for Christmas Eve. I said that I wanted her abstinence for Christmas. I got a replica of the church.

Red is a symbol of love as well as aggression. It is also my mother's favorite color. I am naked, as is the birth of her story of alcoholism.

Hangman Game

Magnetic board presenting the game of hangman. Choose the password: habitat of a

bad / good spirit.

It is up to you what message you want to show about religious education.

In the other side is a prayer, that I came up with my mother when I was a child and I was attacked by sleep paralysis. I pray it every evening.


"Let the little angel wave my ugly dreams and give me nice new ones"

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Talk to me

Chest of drawers that I bought at a furniture commission.
I painted an ouija board on her countertop. Which is used for
communicating with ghosts.

 I painted symbols on the chest of drawers
relating to my childhood. Communion candle, magician's magician's wand, skull
representing my death and much more. The chest of drawers has a key but i band it on table top. The amount of string is not enough to use it for closet. It has to be lifted. The red light and a voice come out of it. Voice
a child reading my thesis. It is my voice
spirit. The one who is trying hard to get out of the closet in which he has been hiding for so long.

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Wolf mask

Some people cannot receive love, they consider it a defective product of a successful one
relationship. They build their sense of value and security on gradual humiliation
partner. It is a very complicated process. These people usually do not realize that
that they are guilty. After all, they were "raised by wolves". Romulus and Remus, fed by
wolf, they did not have the model of an adult parent, so Romulus killed his brother and build the Rome.

I am walking through a dark forest, my journey is aimed at helping a person who needs it. That person is older, wiser. He has vast experience. I feel extremely honored taking
part in this extraordinary journey. I am holding a basket in which there is boundless love.
It should help! Make the disease disappear and I will be able to enjoy the company
the person intended for me. It is certainly meant for me, because he can listen to me like no one else. He sees in me attraction, that is hard for others to see. He can hug me and give me a feelingsafety.

Invite to bed where anything can happen.

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