From an early age,

the ability to lie has been cultivated in me.

In a family with an alcoholism problem we are taught to remain silent about failures and adversities. We want to feel accepted and the truth would prevent people from gaining recognition of society. We want to be normal, to be like children from healthy families. Being an outcast is always associated wrongly. Being an outcast in the family was enough for me. In my paintings and sculptures, I openly talk about my problems from childhood. However, I would like to touch on the problem of mythomania, which

I have been developing since the youngest.

Analyzing the problem of the propensity to lie, I came to the conclusion that it was caused by the excess of my ambitions, proving my worth, the belief that I'm important. There is still a boy in me who wants to be appreciated and I decided to feed him. Satisfying the need for approval in a way that is safe for him. I gave him an Archetype: the Greek god Apollo. His emotions are very similar to human kind. I connect with emotions like envy and pride, which are his symbol. I gifted my child with a bow and a lyre.

I became interested in esotericism and fortune-telling. Additionally, I started to exercise intensively, so my body would refer to the well-known patterns of the Greek God.

The next stage was to show his success to a wider audience, to show that he is the best. I made it happen by showing his move to Rome, renting an art studio there, numerous trips, changing clothes to branded ones, and gala dinners with art collectors. One of them was his lover Salvatore Russo. An art curator and director of the Italian magazine Nuovi Poeti. He was very much in love with Paweł, as were most of his followers. His story continues to unfold.

It is a fantasy of every artist. It can hurt but also give faith to believe in your abilities. The fantasy, however, is toxic and I've realized it. For too long I believed that honesty pays off. Currently I'm getting more profits by returning to the pattern of the past.

For everyone If you are interested in buying my art,

I leave the question: Would you  still like to to buy my painting seeing that I eat canned tuna in Katowice instead of lobster on Piazza Novana?

Mirror mirror
on the wall
who is the fairest
of them all?

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